Personal Training

Sometimes you need a little personal support to get where you want to be. Especially if you are new to exercise, or in the past, you haven't enjoyed working out.  I can work out with you in the privacy of your home or office, or your home Gym (if they allow outside trainers,) or I can train you via Skype or Facetime in the privacy of your home from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

With you, I will set up a program of exercise and support that will absolutely manifest the change that you want.

And it will be fun too.

Personal Training in home, home gym or by Skype or Facetime online.    

Single Session - $100.00

10 Sessions - $950.00


Small Group Classes

Want to have a great class with 2 to 4 friends in the privacy of your home? No need to drive to the Gym! And the class will be personalized so that it works for all.


Single Session - $110.00

10 Sessions - $1050.00


Weight Loss Counseling 

Sometimes you need support to manage your food and exercise choices on-going.  Sometimes you need someone with whom you can be accountable to and who will offer support and new ways to break through old patterns.  

Weight Loss Counseling will keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals, and I will make it fun in the process.

1 hour session by Skype or Facetime  - $90.00

5 - 1 hour sessions by Skype or Facetime  - $429.00

30 Minutes by Skype or Facetime - $55.00        

10 - 30 minute sessions paid in advance  - $499.00



Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss will help when you FEEL STUCK.  When you feel that no matter how hard you try, you just don't see any results.  With Hypnosis, we can help you change unwanted habits, and literally program in new healthy habits.

1 hour in Home or Office - $150.00

5 Sessions paid in advance - $700.00

1 hour by Skype or Facetime - $150.00

5 Sessions paid in advance by Skype of Facetime - $700.00